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A Holistic Approach to



In-Person Training

Tired of large chaotic training environments? Come train with me in-person. I offer Small Group Classes and private training at  Physique Magnifique in South San Francisco, CA.


Online Coaching

Sometimes simply moving your body isn't enough to making you feel good. Not only can I teach YOU how to move your body AND how to defend yourself. I can also help you break through the limiting beliefs that have held you back from actually achieving your goals using a strategy called NLP. Click the link below to try a session with me TODAY!


Class Schedule

Small Group Classes are every Friday at 4:30pm. However the schedule is subject to change. Please click the link below to view the LIVE schedule. 


About Von

From the United State Navy and Bodybuilding, to over a decade in martial arts, Von has experienced every aspect of physical training at its extremes. But it wasn't until she started integrating NLP that she experience lasting transformation for herself and her clients. Get to know more about Von by clicking the link below.

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